The early connectors between vertical farming and industry.

We use and share our unique farming technology to refine the nature of controlled growth.

The number one worry when growing?  How much your guesswork was accurate.  Lite + Fog is dedicated to the harvesting of the data that will make your own harvest successful.


We don’t do this in retrospect, our systems provide you with live information every step of the way.  Even the live plant weight. Course correction is possible, adaptation to unpredictable events is instant.  We allow you to constantly work between prediction and reality, without the need for evaluation moments (and lost time).  Our evaluation happens all the time.


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Lite+Fog asks:  what is your space and energy equation?  How much square meter of growing space do you get per cubic metre?  


This is the key metric that our unique Fogponics system fundamentally changes for the better!  We are able to triple performance compared to normal multilayer rack systems, making them more efficient but also triggering major savings on costs.


Our Reactor design Farm can grow up to 20 tons of lettuce on just 1000 m2 of surface.


Get in touch with us for a bespoke solution for your growing needs at


We’ll be happy to set up a video call to discuss your project!


We’ll be announcing new customized farming systems as they come online over th next year. First fogponic solution systems will be operational in 2021.

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