R&D Equipment

Boost your plant research with automated growing chambers and enhanced data logging at best price.

Key Features:

Cloud Controlled Interface + Monitoring
Relative Humidity
Light Intensity + Photoperiod
Nutrient Solution 
Condensation Measurements

Dual Light Source 
Up to 1200 µmol/s/m²
Warm White 3500k
Cold White 6500k

Automated Nutrient management (EC/pH)

Ultrasonic Dry Fog Generation
A+B stock solutions
pH(-) solution
60L Stainless Steel reservoir (~4 weeks capacity)
Mixing + Draining enabled

Active Climate System [+/- 0.5℃]

Air Conditioning
Closed cycle

Compatible with Industry Standards
Glued Coco-Peat seedling Plugs
Liquid/Powder Fertilizer

Plants we already grew in our systems and expected harvests you can achieve





Lambs Lettuce




Baby Kale


5 kg

2 kg

8 kg

2.2 kg

5 kg

3 kg

6 kg

5 kg

1 kg

7 kg

6,5 kg

Model S

Our smallest fogponic model is the ultimative research lab in a box. We built it for our own needs, because we felt that there were no good options out there to grow scientifically at reasonable prices and appropriate tech levels.
So we built our own and are happy to announce that we can make our Model S station now available for everyone in science and research!
Here is a small overview of it's most crucial skills:
- The Model S automatically adjusts the fertilizer solution to the desired EC and PH levels (including up to 6 different solution pumps)

- Light constitution can be tuned from blue to red including the full spectrum with up to 1200 mol/s

- Of course it holds the climate steady at below 1°C

- It holds up to 102 plants

- It automatically logs the growth data online and provides 3d imagery of the plants growth day by day
We can upgrade the Model S if wished to include CO2 control and AI enhanced data analysis.

35000,- €

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