fogponic farming technology

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highest efficiency LED  ---    automated clean climate and CO2   ---  fully rotating fogponic planters 

why fogponics are better

Lite+Fog systems combine multiple innovations and proprietary solutions to a farming concept that brings economy + movement to vertical farming - crushing the costs and tripling performance compared to contemporary indoor farming systems. And it's all based on the latest development in agritech - fogponics.

Providing vertical farmers with greater value, lower cost fogponic systems yield more and increase content levels in their crops compared to traditional hydroponics, concurrently reducing investment and upkeep costs.

Choose your footprint

How good is a Vertical Farm design?

By maximizing the space usage and optimal geometry, Lite+Fog systems can catapult indoor farming systems to a new level of efficiency. Even compared to the already advanced vertical farming systems.

What you are looking at are three different systems with the same growing surface - about 500 sqm of cultivation area.


Vertical Farm


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