Vertical Farming Engineers

Vertical Farming 2.0 designs and concepts

- for growers of the future. 

Lite+Fog means german-engineered, next-level Vertical Farms.

We combine multiple innovations and proprietary solutions to a farming concept that brings economy + movement to vertical farming - crushing the costs and tripling the performance compared to normal multilayer rack systems. 

Get ready for the “Farm Reactor”. 

Start growing with Lite+Fog.








3 times more efficient

Look at how it uses your precious space and how much energy it needs. That means: How much square meter of growing space do you get per cubic meter?

And how much harvest do you get for your

precious energy? 

Compare our numbers to the standard

farm performance.

And then judge for yourself!

How good is a Vertical Farm design?



High performance growrooms

upscaling your grow - customised to your needs

When you want to expand your production or lower your costs of producing - go upwards!

First tests and pilot projects show a price reduction of our farms by up to 80% compared to conventional farms and standard vertical farms.

What can you grow in our rooms?

Basically everything!



get your grow started

Use the advanced technology of Lite+Fog fogponics

Fogponic systems from Lite+Fog will give you an advantage over every other hydroponic system. 

Contact us for a bespoke solution for your grow - 

or stay tuned for one of our customized

farming systems.

We will deliver first fogponic solution systems by next year.

get on a video call with us and let's discuss your project!