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Lite&Fog is developing farming technologies for the challenges of today and opportunities to come.
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Fogponics - the worlds most performant farming technology

We are committed to delivering exceptional farming solutions that align with your production goals. All while acheiving critical reductions in Co2, pesticide, land and water usage.

Reduce costs

Through our fogponic solutions we can save a lot of costs, while improving quality.


Uncover new markets

Our special focus lies on pharmaceutical applications of farming technology. Through access to world leading collaborating companies we can ensure high tech made in Germany.

Increase efficiency

By using fog, we can grow many more plants in the same space and still reduce the costs at the same time.

Molecular Farming

We aim to provide the perfect platform for molecular farming companies around the world -
offering them quick access to a scalable and agile production
platform of their plants.


What is in it for me?

Lite&Fog is at the forefront of revolutionizing agriculture through sustainable and efficient technologies. By adopting our fogponics and vertical farming solutions, you contribute to a more sustainable future, reduce resource consumption, and support cutting-edge innovations in food production. Our technology not only minimizes environmental impact but also ensures consistent and high-quality produce, making it essential for anyone concerned about the future of agriculture and food security.

Through switching your production to fogponics, you can greatly improve yor output while completely eliminating the risk of weather conditions or market demands. Fogponic farms can deliver any kind of crop around the year, which gives you the freedom to produce on demand for specific markets, No matter the seasons You can even expand your market reach to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics production!

What can I grow?

Our advanced fogponics and vertical farming modules are versatile and can support the growth of a wide variety of plants. This includes leafy greens, herbs, fruits, and even pharmaceutical plants. Whether you're looking to cultivate nutrient-rich vegetables or specialty crops, our systems provide the ideal conditions for optimal growth.

Why is it better?

Lite&Fog's technology is superior due to several key factors:

Efficiency: Our systems use ultrasound-generated fog for irrigation, which significantly reduces water and nutrient usage compared to traditional methods.

Sustainability: By minimizing resource consumption and waste, we offer an eco-friendly solution that supports sustainable agriculture.

Quality and Yield: Our controlled environments ensure consistent growing conditions, leading to higher yields and superior quality produce.

Autonomy and Scalability: Our modules are designed for automation and can be easily scaled to meet varying production needs, from small urban farms to large industrial operations.

How does it work?

Our technology operates on the principles of fogponics, a subset of aeroponics where nutrient-rich fog is used to nourish plants. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

Ultrasound produces tiny droplets below 20 microns in size that take up the nutrients from the fertilizer soluton and float.

An airstream generated by a corona discharge is delivering those droplets to the rootzone of the plants.

The plants take up the droplets with their water and fertilizer pckage, while also having a great disposure to oxygen from the air. That resuls in explosive growth of the plants.

We "hang" those plants on textile panters from the ceiling and move them from worksation to growroom through the farm. No need to move much for the workers - or robots if you are a bit advanced.

What does it cost?

Our modules cost less than half of our competitors, Yet we also offer financing solutions and other facilitations to ensure you can get farming right away. Usually and with the right usecase you can rent farms and pay them off while making a profit just from the standard operational income.

What is different to other vertical farms?

Our unique fogonic irrigation system leads to a whole bunch of advantages we can achieve over conventional vertical farms. The most important are considerably lower costs of farming and improved quality of the produce. We can also grow much more on less space, if that is your primary goal.

Who is the team?

Lite&Fog got founded by Uwe and Martin Peter, father and son in 2019. With his longtime knowlege of hydroponic systems, Martin oversees the team and the technological as well as the business development, while Uwe is responsible of administrative and business tasks of the operations. The rest of the team is primarily made of highly skilled engineers in mechanical and electronical engineering.

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