fogponic farming technology

Litehouse M.png

+AI assisted data collection and logging 

+automated clean climate and CO2

+fully rotating fogponic planters

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Our first project, the Model M aspires to become the standard botanical laboratory for fogponics with its impressively large capacity and impeccable construction. It is 3m x 2m x 1 meters on the inside, has space for 450 plants and rotating planters so that no plant gets left in the shade. It also comes fully automated and AI controlled to deliver optimal growing conditions as needed. And with sensors and cameras on board, researchers will always have remote insights into how things are going. 

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why fogponics are better

Lite+Fog systems combine multiple innovations and proprietary solutions to a farming concept that brings economy + movement to vertical farming - crushing the costs and tripling performance compared to contemporary indoor farming systems. And it's all based on the latest development in agritech - fogponics.

Providing vertical farmers with greater value, lower cost fogponic systems yield more and increase content levels in their crops compared to traditional hydroponics, concurrently reducing investment and upkeep costs.


the inside of our hollow columns made of flexible fabrics provides space for optimal fogponic irrigation and nutrition for all kinds of plants

close up

a fine fog is flowing through the column, feeding the plants

fogponic roots

fogponic systems increase the hairroot growth and provide very strong and healthy plants. These are arugula roots after three weeks



the plants are growing superbly on the outside of our planters


what's a good farming architecture?

By differentiating the shape of the system and going true vertical with our rounded planters, space is used much more efficiently and heat can flow freely out of the growing area - so that growers can maximize production in indoor farming systems. This newer technology even outperforms its already impressive "vertical" farming counterpart, made of horizontal racks. 






vertical farm


Our vertical arrangement of lightweight round planters offers nearly double the growing room of conventional vertical farming - and of course much more than the traditional method of growing in greenhouses. 

We will gladly get your own vertical growing operation going! Contact us by phone or by email and we can get on a call. 


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