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The future of agriculture

Ultrasound, textiles and lightweight constructions

Babykale on our textile column

We unchain your supply!
Maximize growth potential while minimizing costs –
Lite&Fog has you covered.

Lite&Fog’s farming modules provide a number of benefits to the pharmaceutical, cosmetical, and agricultural industries. These include high efficiency, great quality, low cost farming, and remote control platform capabilities. Lite&Fog offers products and services designed to help these industries reach their goals quickly and cost-effectively. Lite&Fog Farms low cost farming solution reduces overhead costs associated with traditional farming methods by utilizing LED lighting systems that are tailored to each specific plant type and lightweight construction methods, that also decrease maintenance cost This tailored approach also increases the quality of yields by providing optimal growing conditions for each individual plant. Additionally, their remote control platform allows users to monitor and control the environment remotely from anywhere in the world.  Each module is designed with lite-weight fog and textiles that ensure reliability and consistency for research and production lines. The modules are easy to assemble and require minimal maintenance due to their mechanical design which prevents dripping or clogging from occurring. Moreover, they are easily scalable depending on your needs - from small scale operations up to large industrial production lines - making them a great fit for any operation size.  Lite&Fog utilizes a variety of technologies when it comes to plant growth optimization. Different lighting options based on plant type ensure optimal growth conditions at all times while nutrient delivery systems guarantee that plants receive exactly what they need in order to thrive. Automated temperature and humidity controls also play an important role in ensuring consistent results regardless of external factors such as weather patterns or seasonal changes in temperature or humidity levels. 

growing with Lite&Fog means


Less water 


more harvest


Energy reduction


CO2 reduction




more ingredients

The Model M 

Litehouse M.png

+AI assisted data collection and logging 

+automated clean climate and CO2

+fully rotating fogponic planters

The most intelligent, automated and high-tech indoor garden that will make you the perfect green thumb. Even if you already thought you had one. The 3m x 2m x 1 meter Smart Plant Farm is the perfect solution for any business or individual looking to get into the agriculture industry. With 450 rotating plant spaces, this farm can accommodate a wide variety of plants and provide them with the optimal growing conditions as needed. The AI controlled plant scanner will take care of all the necessary adjustments, so you can focus on monitoring your plants and ensuring that they are flourishing. With so many sensors and cameras on board, you will have a complete overview of your farm at all times, allowing you to make informed decisions about where to direct your efforts next.


Built different.

Model M in our development center in Berlin

Fogponic high-tech.
A (very) small difference, with a huge effect.

What separates us from the rest?

Fogponics - tiny droplets of water, small enough to float. Small enough to enter the roots directly and small enough to not condensate on every surface immediately - also called dry-fog. Fogponic droplets are created by ultrasound and emerge from our special nutrient solution. Then they carry those tiny amounts

of nutrients to the root zone, requiring nothing but a small breezing wind to reach their target - leaving clogging nozzles out of the equation. They are also weightless, so there is nothing to uphold. No tons of substrate, no salty deposits, no waste material - nothing but a small layer of textiles and nutritious fog  is enough to get growing - hence our name - Lite&Fog. 

Back to the roots!

Model M in our development center in Berlin

The healthiest roots you might have ever seen.

Fogponic irrigation of plants creates the most stunning roots you will ever see - and everybody knows that a healthy plant comes from a healthy root. 

But there is more - the root zone stays always fresh and cool, because it gets constantly cooled by a fresh flow of air. It gets the maximum amount of oxygen and has a very high resistance to molds and funghi. 

We actually never had any mold infection at all in our farms!

Through fogponics we can actively control hair root growth of our plants and increase their overall health and metabolism. Perfect for molecualr farming and hot climates. 

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