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Through introducing modern means of digital analsys, AI and automated data logging we can kickstart plant research into the next century

Growth chambers for digital plant research


Revolutionizing Plant Research: The Power of Model S

In the quest to redefine the landscape of agricultural technology, Lite&Fog introduces the Model S, a beacon of innovation designed to automate and accelerate plant research. This cutting-edge system combines the prowess of cameras, 3D scanning, and artificial intelligence (AI) to offer an unparalleled research tool. With Model S, we're not just observing nature; we're engaging with it on a level never before possible, paving the way for breakthroughs in plant science.

Insightful Observations Through Advanced Cameras

The Model S employs high-resolution cameras to capture detailed images of plants at various growth stages. This continuous visual monitoring allows for the precise observation of phenotypic changes over time, capturing subtle nuances in plant development that might elude the human eye. Through these lenses, every leaf, stem, and root is a source of valuable data, ready to be analyzed.

Unveiling Dimensions with 3D Scanning

Complementing its visual prowess, the Model S utilizes 3D scanning technology to map the physical structure of plants. This capability enables the creation of exact digital replicas, providing insights into plant morphology, growth patterns, and biomass distribution. Such detailed 3D models are instrumental in studying plant architecture and its influence on health and productivity, offering a holistic view of plant development.

AI: The Brain Behind the Breakthroughs

At the heart of the Model S lies its AI, trained to analyze the vast datasets generated by the cameras and 3D scanners. This AI is capable of identifying patterns, predicting growth outcomes, and even recognizing signs of stress or disease before they become apparent to human researchers. By integrating AI into the process, Model S transforms raw data into actionable insights, facilitating rapid hypothesis testing and accelerating the pace of plant research.

The Future of Plant Science, Today

The Model S stands as a testament to Lite&Fog's vision for the future of agriculture and plant research. This system not only automates the tedious aspects of research, allowing scientists to focus on innovation and discovery, but it also accelerates the development of new plant varieties, cultivation techniques, and sustainability practices. In essence, the Model S is not just a tool but a gateway to the future of plant science, where technology empowers us to unlock the secrets of the natural world.


By harnessing the synergy of cameras, 3D scanning, and AI, the Model S embodies our commitment to advancing plant research. This innovative approach enables us to explore the complexities of plant life with unprecedented depth and precision, driving forward our understanding and capabilities in agriculture. With Model S, Lite&Fog is not just keeping pace with the future; we are creating it, one discovery at a time.