First Step: Trials

Answering all the questions about your desired production. We provide you with growing data, scaling options and a complete cost analysis based on real life trials.

Customized trials for your production requirements


Tailored Growing Data for Informed Decisions

At Lite&Fog, we believe that precise, data-driven decisions are the cornerstone of efficient agricultural production. Our services include providing partners with detailed growing data that illuminate the intricacies of plant growth within our innovative systems. This data encompasses everything from growth rates and nutrient uptake to water usage and environmental impact, all meticulously collected from our controlled environment trials. By understanding the specific needs and responses of plants in our fogponics and vertical farming setups, stakeholders can fine-tune their operations, achieving not only higher yields but also enhanced quality of produce.

Scalability at Your Fingertips

Recognizing the dynamic nature of agricultural demands, Lite&Fog offers in-depth consultations on scaling options. Whether you're looking to expand your existing setup or contemplating a more modest operation, our team provides scalable solutions that grow with your ambitions. Drawing from our extensive experience in deploying fogponics systems across varied environments, we outline scalable pathways that accommodate both spatial constraints and production goals. This flexibility ensures that our technology remains a viable solution for farms of any size, from boutique indoor spaces to extensive agricultural operations, all while maintaining efficiency and sustainability.

Transparent Cost Analysis for Strategic Planning

Perhaps the most vital aspect of our service offering is the comprehensive cost analysis. Understanding the financial implications of adopting new agricultural technologies is crucial for our partners. Lite&Fog goes beyond generic estimates, providing a detailed breakdown of costs based on real-life trials. This analysis covers initial setup costs, operational expenses, and long-term financial projections, offering a clear picture of the investment required and the potential return on investment (ROI). By grounding our cost analysis in real-world data, we enable our partners to strategize effectively, ensuring that the adoption of fogponics and vertical farming technologies is not just a leap towards sustainability but also a sound financial decision.