7. Smart Workflows


Streamlined operations with minimal manual intervention.


Data-driven insights for strategic decision-making.


Smarter workflows through conveyor systems - move the product not the workers!


In existing vertical farms, harvesting and farming is done by

accessing the different layers of the farms with a scissor lift.

Going up, harvesting, going down, left, up again,

harvesting…. And so on.

A very time consuming work.

We conceived of a simpler and more modern technique in our

farms. We initially separate the growing area from the working

area to produce "white" and "grey" zones. A clean room

separate from the workers is used for the growth sector, which

allows for better security. The plants are simply carried toward

a harvesting station - the grey zone - where they can be

pulled up and down with a rope, harvested, cleaned, and

replanted for future growth. It's straightforward.

1. Fogponics

ultrasonic, efficient and water saving - fogponics allows new farms to operate on levels never seen before

4. Smarter Material choices - Textiles!

By employing fog as an irrigation method we can avoid many problems of usual farming system - Mainly we don't need to carry a lot of heavy loads any more and can benefit from the possibility to employ lighter structures and concepts

12. GMP - Cleanroom Growing

Through proper cleanroom growing conditions, plants can become a vital source to replace current medical production systems and even open up completely new pathways

13. Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) connects our farms digitally and enables remote supervision, control and data logging

14. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables our farms to learn from experience, making them capable of performing tasks that could even surpass human intelligence.


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