13. Internet of Things

Linking farms together to create a platform to rely on


Streamlined operations with minimal manual intervention.


Data-driven insights for strategic decision-making.


Internet of Things: Connecting Producers and Farmers

Internet of Things (IoT) connects our farms digitally and enables remote supervision, control and data logging


The New Agriculture: Sowing Seeds of Innovation with IoT

In the heart of our era, where technology intertwines with the natural world, the vision of a new agriculture emerges, not just as an idea but as a tangible reality. At Lite&Fog, we're not just imagining the future; we're actively constructing it. Through the lens of IoT (Internet of Things), we're digitizing agriculture, drawing a parallel with revolutions seen in smart homes, manufacturing, and healthcare. This journey reflects a synergy of automation, control, efficiency, productivity, and an enhanced quality of life, where every innovation respects and honors the delicate balance of nature.

Smart Homes: A Blueprint for Digital Agriculture

Just as IoT has redefined the concept of home, making it a network of interconnected devices that communicate seamlessly to enhance our comfort and convenience, we apply a similar philosophy to agriculture. Our farms are not merely plots of land; they are intelligent ecosystems where every element, from fogponics systems to rotating planters, is interconnected. This network enables our modules to interact, share insights, and adjust conditions in real-time, ensuring optimal growth environments for plants. It's a realm where efficiency meets sustainability, embodying the essence of a smart, living home for nature.

Manufacturing: The Efficiency Paradigm

The leap in manufacturing efficiency brought about by IoT serves as an inspiration for our agricultural practices. In manufacturing, IoT streamlines processes, reduces waste, and enhances productivity. We mirror this in our farms, where technology automates the mundane, allowing us to focus on innovation and improvement. Sensors and algorithms ensure that every drop of water, every beam of light, and every nutrient is precisely calibrated for the plants' needs, reducing waste and maximizing growth. This is the embodiment of efficiency, where every resource is optimized, and nothing is squandered.

Healthcare: Personalized Care for Every Plant

In healthcare, IoT signifies a revolution, offering personalized care through remote monitoring and tailored treatments. This concept of individual attention and care translates into our approach to agriculture. Each plant in our ecosystem is monitored, its growth, health, and needs meticulously tracked and catered to. This level of detail ensures not just survival but thriving growth, akin to the careful, personalized healthcare humans increasingly receive.

The Pillars of Our New Agriculture

Automation and Control

At the core of our technology is the principle of autonomy. Our systems are designed to self-manage, adjusting environmental conditions, monitoring health, and even sowing seeds. This automation frees us to innovate and expand, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in agriculture.

Efficiency and Productivity

Our approach maximizes productivity without sacrificing the planet's health. By leveraging IoT, we ensure that our operations are as efficient as possible, minimizing waste and maximizing output. This efficiency isn't just about profit; it's about creating a sustainable model for the future of agriculture.

Improved Quality of Life

Ultimately, the goal of our innovations is to enhance the quality of life, not just for the plants we nurture but for humanity. By creating sustainable, efficient, and productive agricultural systems, we're working towards a future where food scarcity is a relic of the past, and the natural world is not just preserved but enriched.


In the narrative of the new agriculture, IoT stands as a beacon of innovation, guiding us towards a future where technology and nature exist in harmony. At Lite&Fog, we're more than just participants in this story; we're authors, crafting a chapter where agriculture is sustainable, autonomous, and capable of nourishing the world without harming the planet. This is our vision, our mission, and our promise: to accelerate the advent of new agriculture, where the digital and the natural world converge for the betterment of all.

1. Fogponics

ultrasonic, efficient and water saving - fogponics allows new farms to operate on levels never seen before

4. Smarter Material choices - Textiles!

By employing fog as an irrigation method we can avoid many problems of usual farming system - Mainly we don't need to carry a lot of heavy loads any more and can benefit from the possibility to employ lighter structures and concepts

12. GMP - Cleanroom Growing

Through proper cleanroom growing conditions, plants can become a vital source to replace current medical production systems and even open up completely new pathways

14. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables our farms to learn from experience, making them capable of performing tasks that could even surpass human intelligence.


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